Órgano Mixto Alta A.C. (Fair Trade Premium Committee)

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The criteria of both FAIRTRADE and FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED USA is the creation of a committee called the Joint Body, a group of workers representatives of the workforce, democratically elected by the workers themselves to administer monies from a premium that comes from a higher price that customers pay to support the social development of farm workers and their families.

How to invest or spend the premium is also regulated by both certifications, which make sure it has a social approach either for the direct benefit of workers, their families or their communities.

Grupo Alta launched the following programs through the ALTA Foundation:

  • Scholarship program,, providing scholarships for children of workers from the primary level to the university level in order to promote education among the children of workers.
  • Housing program,providing financial support for workers who want to make minor repairs to their homes with the aim of improving the living conditions of workers.
  • Special dental treatment program,providing for free dental health to workers; other special dental treatments are given in outpatient care through agreements with dentists and dental laboratories. In order to assist workers to maintain the benefits of low-cost dental work, this fund provides financial support of 75% of the cost for more expensive dental procedures.
  • Healthy vision program, through agreements with opticians to lower the costs of glasses, this fund provides financial support of 75% of the cost of glasses.