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Don Enrique 2 Farm was acquired in 2008, the difference is that this farm is used for the production of fruits in vegetable in open field such as: mini seedless watermelon, regular watermelon and cantaloupe melon and honeydew melon in two seasons a year: the first harvest is in the months of April to May, the second in October to November. We work to produce improved varieties that consume less water, high quality and improve organic matter in the soil, 100% organic production with high sugar content and firmness in the product.

A particular characteristic of this farm is the “Boulevard los Sahuaros”. This farm was one of the first farms in Mexico to obtain the environmental certification “Producción Limpia” (which means Clean Production in English) granted by PROFEPA (short name of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection in Mexico).

Manuel Quintana is the farm manager.