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Join Grupo ALTA, a leading company in its category, dedicated to the production of fresh foods, with more than 25 years of operations. Its scope transcends the Mexican border and exports its products to more than 30 countries around the world through the commercialization company Divine Flavor LLC.

Our philosophy is based on procuring and promoting values, care of environmental resources and total quality in the production of fresh foods. We are convinced that the proper way to do it is under the 100% organic production scheme, of which we are very close to achieving it. We have more than 11 certifications in various subjects such as: social responsibility certifications/recognitions, food safety and quality certifications, organic / environmental certifications and Physical Security Certifications.

In addition Grupo ALTA is composed of Fundación Alta I.A.P., which provides various supports and services for seasonal farmworkers in our farms offering first level health services (medical and dental), nutrition and social work; Alta Logistics, a specialty company dedicated to distribution services for fresh produce; Alta Real State, dedicated to real estate commercialization in. For these and many reasons, Grupo ALTA is an excellent place to work.

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