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Table grapes are consumed as fresh fruit, there are with and without seeds. Table grapes can belong to any of the 3 main or hybrid species, but vitis vinifera is by far the most important.

The time indicated for the harvest is determined mainly by the appearance of the fruit, including the color and size, while the sugar content of the berries is primordial. The stems that hold the bunch turn thatch or wood colored once it reaches maturity.

Health benefits

It has vitamin K, which is soluble in fat, is essential for proper blood coagulation and plays an essential role in the prevention of osteoporosis, since it helps calcium for bone development and health.

Resveratrol, a substance found in grapes, is linked to protection against certain diseases. These include type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease. All these disorders usually affect people as they get older.

Consuming grapes gives your body a series of antioxidants, which are powerful substances that protect your body against free radicals, unstable molecules that can damage cells.

The vine

Vines are woody long live plants, with vivacious climbing logs. Constituted by roots, trunk, vine shoots, leaves, flowers and fruit; being their leaves their main organ due to its multiple functions, besides executing vital plant operations it is here where all the acid and sugar molecules will be stored and provided to the berries, conditioning their taste.


Grapes from Perlette variety, are the first ones in the season. It is translucent-green seedless with almost round berries. Its skin is thin and soft, although its pulp is crunchy and juicy with a distinct sweet flavor. Bunches are long and compact.


Sugra One is distinguished by its bright-green ovoid berries. This is a seedless variety with a sutil, sweet and slightly aromatic taste. With a characteristic crunchy flesh and thick skin. Bunches are big, conic and semi-compact.

This variety is very popular for its broad use range in the elaboration of raisins, juices, syrups and preserves among others.


Flame is an early variety that resulted mainly from the cross between varieties Thompson seedless and Cardinal. Flame berries are seedless, small to medium in size with an intense red coloring; with a very sweet flavor and firm texture. The bunches are not to big nor too tight.


Black seedless presents in medium and large size bunches loaded with black berries. With a medium density skin very well adhere to a firm and crunchy flesh. Black seedless pulp have a lighter color than the skin and a sweet flavor that vaguely resembles that to a plum.


Portion > 1 ½ cups (Approx. 138 g)

Fat Calories
Total Carbohydrates
24 g
Dietary Fiber
1 g
Total Sugars
23 g

% Daily Value

Vitamin A
Vitamin C