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The field above Polleras was the Grupo Alta’s first, one of the most important moments in the learning curve for young business partners. In the year 1989, out of a poor experience with their first field, they regained strength and began activities at the field under a new name, ”Campo Grande” as a declaration of future prominence and their commitment to society.


Currently “Campo Grande” is managed by Mr. Felipe Paco Acosta, who started as an agricultural laborer, an example of loyalty to our workers. He was subsequently promoted and then promoted again to become the responsible administrator. Mr. Acosta is distinguished by its capacity and alignment to the values of Grupo Alta.

Walnut groves are located at this field, along with a nut processing plant that has the capacity to process all nut produced by the Grupo Alta. Also, this field is involved in seedling production of vegetables, as well as growing and improving grape rootstocks to produce the best varieties of grapes. Mr. Juan Pablo McLaurin is in charge of this important area.

This field produces 100% organic walnuts under sustainable procedures and focuses on obtaining the best seedling fruits and vegetables to improve the qualities of varieties so that they can be produced with less water, fertilizers and improved resistance to soilborne diseases.